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Not-so-Nice guys DO Finish Last.

Mayyyybe I should start a snarky, cynical blog like this ex-fling of mine… This will be my attempt.

Note to aforementioned ex-fling: Titling your writings with “Nice Guys Finish Last” is highly misleading. Has the thought ever crossed your mind that maybe, just maybe, you’re not as nice of a guy as you think you are? Writing bitterly about the women that come into and exit your life periodically isn’t exactly the way to pick up girls. It may be entertaining to others, but anyone with half a brain could realize the impact it would have on their personal life, dating and otherwise.

Now I may just sound crazy here, but PERHAPS there are issues with YOUR personality. It’s pretty unlikely that every single girl you get involved with is a straight-up bitch. I will admit that there are far too many girls like that in the world, but especially with the whole “Minnesota nice” thing going on in Duluth, the odds are just not in favor of your claims. 

It is possible to notice a lot about relationships from an outside perspective, but until you’ve actually been in one yourself, your judgement on the dating lives of others has very little merit. Having crushes on people is nowhere near as intense as the experience of love. More specifically to the situation, “losing” somebody that you’ve known for merely two weeks does NOT constitute as heartbreak.

Putting me in the stereotype of the on-again-off-again couple is completely unfair. My ex and I broke up four months ago, and after reevaluating what we both want out of a relationship, we are considering getting back together. We don’t break up after each and every fight. We don’t force the Facebook community to observe the problems in our relationship by obsessively changing status. We don’t claim to be together just because we’re hanging out again. I’m not so naive as to state that we have a highly mature relationship, because we’re only in college and we both still let stupid shit get to us. But unlike half of the idiotic couples out there, we’ve put thought into what we’re doing and IF we get back together, it’ll be the right decision for us. 

Oh, and sidenote: Couples that take a break from each other aren’t doomed as you seem to believe. One of the happiest couples I know broke up in college and got back together. They were married for nearly thirty years, until one of them passed away. Another couple took a break for FOUR years. They’ve now been married ten. My best friend and her boyfriend broke up, got back together a couple weeks later, and are getting married this summer. There are SO many exceptions to your bitter claims. 

A few more snarky remarks from me:

1) Writing about me on both Facebook and your blog doesn’t bother me. I actually find it kind of funny that this situation has bothered YOU so much. 

2) I think all of your readers would find it interesting to know that you would still date this cold-hearted bitch you speak of. Funny, I thought I broke your heart? Either that makes me REALLY hot, or you completely pathetic.

3) You used the wrong version of “your” in a public blog. Unacceptable for an English major, in my opinion at least.

So, that’s that.

Dear recycledinternet,

You honestly make my day every time you like my tumblr ramblings. I like knowing that someone reads the things I post :] You are awesome.

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My relatives always said I’d be a heartbreaker some day. I never believed them. But looking at the last few months, I can see it now.

I’m sorry to the people I hurt. I never mean to, but I tend to lose interest in most everything really quickly, especially when it comes to dating. However in my defense, when guys get more involved in the situation than they should, it’s not completely my fault for the heartbreak that occurs.

The last guy knew me for two weeks. Two. Measly. Weeks. I will admit that I was inconsiderate last night, but I never lied to him. I never told him that we were headed anywhere serious, and he became far too invested in me which led to him getting hurt. 

I can’t be in a relationship with somebody just to make them happy. I need to live life for myself. 

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Decision made.

Hopefully it’s the right choice. And even if it’s not, whatevah. The world will not end.

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I really don’t know what to do. I have two things planned for next week, and other than seeing those two people, I’m going to hole up in my room and studystudystudy for the rest of it.

Avoidance is the only way I can handle this right now.

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Dayum. Too cool.

Dayum. Too cool.

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Looks like an adventure for you, Matt!

Looks like an adventure for you, Matt!

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