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Hmmm… possibility.

Hmmm… possibility.

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The NyQuil Debacle.

To start, I’ve had a cold all week. I felt fine for the most part last night, and went to bed around one in order to wake up on time to be a bumblebee at the good ‘ole NCC Halloween party for the children of Duluth’s rich and famous. 

I woke up around five, and my ear hurt like a bitch. After tossing around in bed for another hour trying to fall back asleep, I gave in and decided to go to the ER before it got any worse. Every other time I’ve been to the ER, regardless of day or time, it’s been stupidly busy, and I’ve had to wait at least an hour to get in. This was not the case at six am this morning in Duluth [all the drunken college kids must be taking it easy the weekend before Halloween]. I got in right away, and the doctor confirmed that I had an ear infection before sending me off with antibiotics and some numbing ear drops. Walgreen’s filled my prescription, and I bought some NyQuil as well since I planned to call in to work and wanted nothing more than to pass the fuck out and escape the pain as soon as I got home.

To any readers, this is were it gets [slightly] more to the point. Having never taken NyQuil before, I somehow reasoned that I should take about three times the recommended dose to fall asleep quickly. In addition, I downed two ibuprofin, my antibiotic, Mucinex, and used my lovely new ear drops. I was OUT within five minutes.

I woke up at ten, which is when I was supposed to arrive at work, and called in. Of course, the majority of my coworkers needed the weekend off, so there were all of three girls scheduled and my boss informed me that I was, indeed, needed. Resigning to the fact that I needed to get into my bumblebee form quickly, I got out of bed… and just about tipped over. I felt DRUNK. I’ve heard of robo-tripping before, but for whatever reason didn’t think there’d be such intense side effects from waking up a bit too early from NyQuil… I got ready as well as my inebriated brain would allow me and drove [yeah, woops] to work. 

Imagine you’re at work. Now, imagine you’re at work wearing a stupid costume. And now, imagine you’re at work in a stupid costume while tripping on acid. This is how I felt. I couldn’t even remember how to set the coffee cups out. Highly embarrassing. 

Moral of the story? NyQuil doesn’t fuck around.

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J’adore tumblr.

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Matthew, let’s go back.

Matthew, let’s go back.

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Hmph. Lonely tonight. What’s the point in going to a Pure Romance party when you have no one to be romantic with?

Soon enough… I hope.

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